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Apollo Theater

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"Thank you so much"
Was incredibly proud/astounded to hold her own among the local tangueros. Thank you so much Dancetango Nikki - I even did the odd boleo or two in your honour — feeling alive at Plaza Dorrego - San Telmo.
Natalia Slaska

" Hi Nikki"
Just would like to thank you once again for an amazing class to have so many students at soooo many different levels and still manage to bring everyone forward is a miraculous feat and the mark of a true professional, really looking forward to Sunday's class thank you again Nikki magic :-)
Keith Elliott

"The last three times
I've visited"
I'd say Pavadita now has the highest standard of dancing of the London milongas I know.
Chris JJ

"I was really impressed"

I dance with very good dancers and
the teacher Nikki was really awesome, I enjoyed her class. What a nice Milonga and it was very easy to get there.

Mariela from Buenos Aires

"One of the top places
for Tango"

To my mind, Pavadita is one of the top places for Tango.. great music, great floor and great followers to dance with.. and busy organisers, working hard. Last night I had one of the best tandas of my short tango life.
Koby K

"The most ideal place
for a milonga I've seen
in London"

Beautiful, a tall, rather narrow building with a stage at one end, and a bar with a balcony over it at the other. It feels spacious, high-ceilinged, with windows close to the roof. Even on a hot evening it was bearable. The dance floor at Pavadita is long and fairly narrow: you can see across it easily, which is great. The building is well-maintained, and the lighting is quite good, a nice change. An excellent wood floor, and space to move in between the tables and the dance floor. The style of dance was pretty much salon, some of it very practiced and good.